Cotton as an option, is novel and traditional, when mixing sustainability into our consumption daily habits. Among the most important features of our bags are their great durability and strength due to the handles reinforcement and sewing finishing. All this together with the high quality and printing possibilities, make the cotton bag a high ecological value promotional gift.
We offer 100% organic cotton bags, officially certified from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), indicating that the entire manufacturing process has been completely respectful to the environment, from the harvesting of the cotton itself, to the bag’s preparation.
The fair trade is an alternative way of commerce supported by many non-governmental organization, the United Nations and different social and politic movements such as pacifism and environmentalism in order to promote voluntary and fair commercial realations between producers and consumers.
New bag made with 100% cotton. It has a minor weight of 110 gr/m2 but keeping the natural texture and softness to be able to offer to our customers a cheaper and lighter bag.
PET is a plastic polymer made of recycled plastic bottles, which makes it a great option when combining resistance and result in a fully recycled and 100% recyclable product.
We offer bags made out of bamboo pulp, 100% Bamboo, rapidly renewable and recyclable resource. A bamboo plant can grow up to 60 cm daily.
The non-woven is a type of polypropylene which is environmentally friendly. It is manufactured using contaminant-free materials. It provides durability, weight resistance, impermeability and ability to hold up to 14 printing inks, and all at a low cost, which makes non-woven a very interesting option when combining publicity and respect to the environment.
Nylon is an elastic textile fiber, resistant to high temperatures and to chemical products. Its high resistance to wear makes the material very resistant to aging.
We develop and produce bags tailored to your needs. We offer the option of national or imported fabrication and with materials such as plastified non-woven, raffia, cotton, natural fibers, nylon, jute or PET.
Mass production of original designs printed on cotton bags of different colors. Wide range of models with different colors and designs combinations. Sold in packs, each with 2 units per color.

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